Red Fish Blue Fish reopens on Pensacola Beach after six months of renovations

After a six month break in service for renovations, Red Fish Blue Fish in Pensacola Beach is back open with a fresh look, menu and schedule.

Wednesday marked the day of reopening for hungry beachgoers and generated about 400 guests, about 60% of whom were Pensacola residents, according to Manuel Rodriguez, corporate director of food and drink for Innisfree Hotels.

Rodriguez said the restaurant’s closure was necessary to build a larger kitchen to keep up with growing demand. The new and improved kitchen area is now three and a half times larger, with approximately 80 additional seats for diners to choose from in the dining room and a new oyster bar to be showcased in the center of the restaurant.

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New menu offerings for returning diners to look out for include a whole yellowtail snapper, good for two, and blue fish fries loaded with crayfish queso and conecuh sausage.

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