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DETROIT LAKES — Members of the Detroit Lakes City Council received an update on the $5.7 million City Hall remodeling project from BHH Partners during their meeting Tuesday.

Project Manager Matt Malone of BHH Partners said the remodeled facility will incorporate a number of conservation and sustainability features and will add approximately 3,400 square feet in total to the 18,000-square-foot building by moving the entrance to Frazee Street.

Artist’s rendering of the building envelope for the Detroit Lakes City Hall remodeling project. Final color scheme and trim are subject to change.

Contribution / BHH Partner


Overview of the Detroit Lakes City Hall remodeling project site plan.

Contribution / BHH Partner

“We are looking at changing the orientation of the main entrance to the town hall, of course we are trying to orient it more towards the city centre, to give it a face, to make it more accessible to the public and then also to make it accessible to the whole create buildings,” Malone said during the meeting.

The current town hall building was last renovated around 50 years ago and previously served as a bottling warehouse. The new City Hall facade will be the entrance to the old city liquor store before the liquor store moves to its current location in 2012.

“The liquor store has been vacant for a number of years, so we’re going to use that space,” Malone said. “The anteroom comes into a lobby area and we went through a series of iterations to try to bring as much natural light as possible into the core of the building to create the working environment but also to make it more welcoming to the public come into this room.”

The plan also envisages a new lobby area on Frazee Street with an elevator and staircase adjacent to the main area to access the upper level of the building.

According to a letter from BHH to the city, some of the new building features will include:

  • A range of lighting controls including occupancy sensors and daylight sensors.
  • LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ultra insulation of the building envelope in new construction.
  • Replacing obsolete doors and windows with thermally efficient models.
  • A solar reflective membrane on the roof of the building.
  • Additional EV charging stations

In the letter, Malone wrote, “Overall, we feel the city and design team made cost-effective, sustainability-conscious, and tax-responsible design decisions.”


Floor plan of the lower level of the Detroit Lakes City Hall remodeling project.

Contribution / BHH Partner


Floor plan of the upper level of the Detroit Lakes City Hall remodeling project.

Contribution / BHH Partner

“The city and the public utilities, this is a joint effort for the construction of this building, and we both put money aside for this project,” said Ron Zeman, councilman for the first parish, during the meeting.

The project is expected to be funded through a 50:50 split between the city’s liquor store and electric utility funds, with no additional borrowing required for the project.

Detroit Lakes City Manager Kelcey Klemm said, “We’ve got some design meetings to go, we haven’t really gotten into the interior yet.”

“The goal would still be to try to have this thing available by the end of the summer,” he said. “We will try to place offers in September, we would move out in September for a start of construction in the fall.”

The exterior color scheme and features of the building are subject to change as plans are not final.

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