Simple tips to prepare your home for the monsoon and keep it moisture and mold free

Just as the body needs special care during the monsoons to prevent disease, our homes also require certain changes to deal with the problems that come with the rainy season. Damp and mold are devastating side effects of the monsoon. The musty smell in the closet and around furniture caused by moisture can not only create an uncomfortable atmosphere all around, but also make the items weak and rusty. Fixing the damage caused by this moisture can be an overwhelming and costly proposition, so taking precautions is the best remedy for keeping your home happy while keeping yourself out of the mess. Here is a list of simple tips to prepare your home for the monsoon and keep it moisture and mold free.

Natural ventilation

Natural and proper ventilation is key to avoid extra moisture getting in! Be sure to clean the windows properly after rainfall, leave them open for some time and let in the fresh air for proper cross ventilation. This helps keep the humid air at bay while preventing the condensation that leads to humidity.

Add plants that soak moisture

Some plants are effective at wicking away moisture and keeping the environment dry, happy, and positive. Add some houseplants including Boston ferns, peace lily, areca palm, English ivy and spider plants as these stand out and reduce humidity and wetness in the home. In addition, these plants act as natural air purifiers, absorbing harmful compounds and helping to improve air quality.

Add plants that soak moisture

Reduce humidity

Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene while doing everyday chores is another great way to reduce the chances of damp and mold in your home. Be sure to cover the dishes well to prevent steam from passing through, turn on the exhaust fans while cooking, do not give room for wet clothes in the room, and wipe the bathroom floor and walls after using the washroom. This not only protects the walls from any kind of mold, but also provides sanitation, reducing the risk of contracting monsoon health problems.

Keep an eye on the furniture

High humidity in the home can take a toll on the wooden furniture and make it wet while leaving mold on the furniture. Since washing the upholstery is not possible, a good way to avoid this situation is to place them in the sun during the monsoon and clean them daily with a dry cloth. However, if your furniture already has this problem, you can place a cotton bag filled with enough salt between the upholstery of the sofa. This will help absorb the moisture while your furniture gets wet and clean.

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