Dominion Energy performs residential solar installations in Virginia through the BrightSuite program

Brightsuite solar installation

Dominion Energy launched a rooftop solar program called BrightSuite for residential customers across Virginia. BrightSuite’s goal is to help homeowners understand if their home is a good fit for solar, how much they can save on energy bills, and then provide installation and financing options. BrightSuite also offers solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

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“Many Virginia homeowners are interested in solar power for their homes, and there are many complexities,” said Joe Woomer, Dominion Energy vice president of new business and customer solutions. “BrightSuite is the trusted partner to help you navigate this complexity and make the most informed decision.”

BrightSuite Energy Advisors answer customer questions and lead the project to completion. By combining Dominion Energy’s operational expertise with its Virginia-based network of partners, BrightSuite could be a useful way for homeowners to make the move to solar with a reliable installer (which isn’t a given if you’re just Googling for nearby installers).

“We took the complexity out of solar energy,” the company explains. “From installing installer reviews and system design to assessments and financing, BrightSuite is a full-service solar energy provider in Virginia. We’ve partnered with the best installers in the state and we’ve standardized on top-of-the-line equipment, warranties and pricing.”

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