Top 5 renovation projects for 2022

In 2022, the new cottage industry is poised for a boom, not a bubble. In the mid-2000s, the country went through a real estate bubble, with money flooding the housing industry and significantly overbuilding speculative housing in hopes that buyers would be there.

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As most know, it was a bust when money dried up and unqualified buyers defaulted on homes. The current situation is different because qualified buyers are buying and living in homes and housing stocks are appallingly low. This is a veritable real estate boom, similar to that seen after World War II.

With the rise in home prices and the lack of inventory available, many current homeowners who may be looking to buy a new or different home are being left out of the market. If you’re thinking about selling that house you bought 5 years ago, it probably won’t get you a nicer home, even with the house’s equity.

This will force homeowners to remodel, and I’m really anticipating a multi-year remodel. Based on trends I’m seeing now and the new regulations coming, here are my top 5 remodeling projects for 2022.

Adding room or more living space to the house

If you live in a small house that has outgrown your needs, adding square footage to the house is best. It can’t just be an extra bedroom, it could be a home office, a new bathroom, or a bonus room for family gatherings. With restaurant prices soaring, expect the home to become the new dinner party destination for many families.

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