9 tips for decorating with vases in unexpected ways

Whenever I think of following (or breaking) interior design rules, my mind goes towards the big and bold. Wash walls in wild colors. Clashing epochs. renunciation of symmetry. But what about the details? Amidst the smaller home decor moments, you are living bigger ways to enhance the look of a room. Take the emerging but evergreen trend of decorating with vases. A vase is primarily praised for what it contains and is in and of itself a beautiful object to display. And there are endless ways to do just that. As these vase decoration ideas prove, being irreverent is often the best decorating rule to follow.

So let these vase decor ideas motivate you to mix things up.

Featured image of Michelle Nash in Shani Van Breukelen’s New York apartment.

9 ideas for decorating with vases

Image of Michelle Nash of the coffee table in Camille Styles’ living room

#1: Filled with leaves or twigs

The vase really hasn’t been innovated much over the years. It is a hollow vessel meant to contain flowers or green plants. But part of its beauty lies in its useful function. So it doesn’t always have to be filled with budding roses. Keep it simple and display vases on a shelf with freshly cut vegetables from your garden. I love rescuing leaves from fallen branches to add a touch of emerald to a colorful vessel.

Picture by Molly Culver of the renovation of Chanel Dror’s guest house

#2: Laid on the floor

The only reason to keep vases on tables is for the safety of children and pets. If this is not a problem in your home, put a jar in a lonely corner. This provides an unexpected negative space design moment and allows for the perfect opportunity to showcase taller branches and stems.

Image of Michelle Nash from Camille Style’s Valentine’s Day table

#3: Repurposing Vintage Items

Look around your home for items that contain liquid. Can you find old mason jars? Antique mugs? An old urn? This is to prove that a vase does not have to be marketed as such to make a statement. Grab something beautiful that will hold water and give it a new life.

Image of Michelle Nash from Camille Styles’ living room

#4: Grouped in a vignette

A vase is expected to be presented alone. However, if you add it to a group of objects, e.g. B. other vases or works of art, creates a structured atmosphere. This makes for a quiet moment for a bedroom, guest room or reading nook.

Image by Matti Gresham

#5: Married to courts

Pair a vase with crockery of the same color to add dimension to open kitchen shelves. The look breaks up any monotony. Plus, flowers in the kitchen are always a yes.

Image by Molly Culver from the previous Camille Styles Studio

#6: Standing tall on a table

It’s so easy to fall back on familiar options. A plain white t-shirt. A gray sofa. A bowl filled with fruit as the centerpiece. Drop that last option (not the first two!) for a vase and greens. Placing a vase either asymmetrically (balanced by other table accessories) or in the center of a breakfast nook or casual dining table makes for an everlasting conversation starter.

Picture by Michelle Nash

#7: Filled with dried flowers

Flowers come and go, but the vase is forever. Unless of course you fill one with dried flowers. And because the stems and leaves of flowers shrink as they dry out, you can fit more in a vase. This instantly adds texture to a room.

Image by Nikole Ramsay of Alex McCabe’s Melbourne home

#8: Presented as art

I remember first seeing a salvaged log for a coffee table. brilliant, I thought. I get a shock when I see an object’s life push to new limits – which is why I love seeing an empty statement vase being used as a piece of art. where are the flowers In this case, do not distract from the object itself anywhere. Let the vase steal the show on a shelf or mantel without flowers.

Image by Michelle Nash of Aran Goyoaga’s dining room in Seattle

#9: Make the buds glow

And yes: a clear glass vase full of bright blooms still steals the show. Place these in an area that gets a lot of traffic – e.g. B. in the middle of the kitchen or on a coffee table in the living room. This way you can enjoy fresh flowers at their peak. Moments like these are fleeting – until you snag a new bouquet of lilies at your farmers market.

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