Weston residents approve $3 million ARPA spending plan

WESTON — Residents voted broadly in favor of the city’s plan to allocate $3 million in funds from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act, which will fund, among other things, rebuilding the city’s water system and pavement.

More than 600 residents voted in favor of the spending plan on Saturday, with 463 in favor and 180 against. City officials finalized that plan earlier this month, with selectmen and finance boards proposing that the $3 million be allocated to more than 20 city projects.

Funds through ARPA are intended to help offset the COVID-19-related losses communities have suffered during the pandemic, as well as boost spending on infrastructure, resilience or emergency response, or city projects that benefit the community.

The largest sum of money, over $800,000, will go toward the renovation of the Ravenwood water system. This project will remove the old hydro tank and install a new 20,000 gallon atmospheric storage tank as well as install two new wells and upgrade existing wells with remote control systems.

According to city records, the money will also go toward emerging pollutant treatment systems.

Another significant portion of the federal funds will be used to purchase a replacement fire truck that will provide the city with $535,000. The old fire truck was originally purchased in 2003 and has “reached the end of its useful life” because, according to city records, it is difficult to drive and cannot accommodate dedicated rescue equipment.

A portion of the funds will help build the Weston Town Green, an ongoing project for a new town green space that will include a new Veterans Memorial, lawn and lawn.

It also includes funding for the creation of an access road to the schools, which had met with opposition from neighbors due to its proximity and precise location. Local residents were generally supportive of the idea and need for the street.

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