9 essential power tools for building your home

When building a home, every builder knows that efficiency and precision are key to constructing a strong and stable structure. Aside from the structure, every homeowner and builder must also pay attention to the details of the furnishings to achieve the complete and refined look of the home. Get the best home building partner with Hills power tools!

Hill’s power tools are equipped with noise suppression capacitors that suppress external interference and protect the tool. Hills power tools are also equipped with efficient ventilation and cooling to ensure effective heat dissipation and extend the life of the machine. Check out these 9 handy power tools from Wilcon Depot to help you get the job done faster and safer:

1. orbital sander

Random orbital sanders are commonly used to buff rough wood surfaces, remove rust and paint on metal, and create a smooth, fine finish on plastic. This handy power tool can be used effectively when making furniture, repainting your car or finishing hardwood floors. Use this square sander to smooth out rough edges and capture every inch of the finish project.

2. Puzzles

Jigsaws are an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts. This power tool offers precision and efficiency when cutting intricate shapes of wood. It’s perfect for handling curved edges that require a delicate trim for a more professional project. This portable tool comes with a hex wrench, blade adjustment block, jigsaw blade and carbon brushes.

3. Drill

Depending on the amount of work to complete the task, drills are an indispensable tool to cut the working time in half. Hills stocks a variety of drill bits to meet your home construction and renovation needs. For smaller and faster projects, you can opt for cordless drills for better portability. Plus, when you’re on a tight schedule, you can trust impact drills to get the job done in no time. However, if precision is a must, stick with your regular drill bits for better handling.

4. Electric planer

If you’re looking for a tool that will give your wood DIY project a smooth and seamless finish, then get a power planer. This hand tool shaves off excess wood and flattens the material giving it a much better shape. With its ergonomic handle and adjustable power, it is easy to drive through.

5. Electric mixer

This electric blender is the ultimate time and energy saver. Whether you’re mixing paint, cement, plaster, glue, grout, or even large batches of food, you can count on this electric mixer to get the job done without breaking a sweat! It features an ergonomic dual handle that serves as a steering wheel-like shape for easier control.

6. Electric blower

This electric blower is ideal for a faster cleaning job and a useful tool for more thorough cleaning at home and on construction sites. This power tool can blow away dust and unwanted particles from every corner of your home with its dynamic air pressure while being comfortable to handle with its easy-grip handle.

7. Demolition hammer

The demolition hammer was specially developed for faster demolition of structures such as concrete walls and tiled floors. It is a multifunctional power tool for heavy-duty tasks such as drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling. It features durable and long-lasting cell battery structure for longer service life.

8. Electric and manual sprayer

These large capacity sprayers come with a handy hose and spray nozzle, ideal for keeping your garden area fresh. You get these handy atomizers in three varieties; electric, manual and electric-manual – a first-class everyday tool at home.

9. Hard hat

When building and repairing houses, it is important to carry complete and proper equipment to stay safe and avoid unwanted accidents. Put your safety first and wear a sturdy helmet to protect your head, neck and face from injury from falling debris and electrical shock. Made from high quality material with an adjustable lock to secure and add security to the workplace.

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