Santa Barbara Library Calls For Project Ideas From Artists To Mark Black History Nibtg |

Hoping to involve local artists in planning youth arts activities for the community, the Santa Barbara Public Library is inviting artists to submit proposals for projects during February, Black History Month.

The Black History Month program includes a family event with a public art-making opportunity for all ages, a school-age arts or crafts activity, and an arts or hands-on learning activity for preschoolers. Library staff help with the formatting, guidelines, and translation of the instructions for all three activities.

For inspiration, library staff can provide examples of kits that have been distributed over the past year. The goal of the program is to engage youth and families from diverse backgrounds in the history and culture of the Black community.

The library is seeking artists of all media to provide interactive youth activities that explore Black history and culture in a way that is accessible to families.

The project is open to any artist and/or collaborative artist team who is at least 18 years of age and works and/or lives in Santa Barbara County. Artists can submit proposals for a family project, a school project, and/or a preschool project.

Selected artists will receive a fee of $300 per project for their time. The library will purchase all materials needed, but a target materials budget of $7 per kit (some items may already exist, and the use of recycled materials or sharing items reused for other projects is welcomed).

This project was supported in whole or in part by funds from the State of California administered by the California State Library.

Proposals should be submitted by completing an application at and must be received by 5:00 p.m. on January 4th.

· The artist chosen for the family project should be available to guide families through the activity on a TBD Saturday in February. The location of the family art project will be outdoors in a park. Participants will hop on and off as they visit various family activities. Please consider the setting and informal nature of this public art creation opportunity. The library staff expects 150 participants of different ages. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible while providing meaningful experiences for attendees, and it will be difficult to calculate an exact attendance count.

· The artist selected for the school project will be invited to 2 workshops on the first and second Wednesday of February in the afternoon where school-age children will work on their projects. The workshops are limited to 12 participants each. The artist is more than welcome to lead this experience if available on these dates and so wishes. This project must also have written instructions that can be completed independently at home or in the library. About 150 project kits will be available for school-age youth.

· Preschool projects are done either in person at a library or at home as take-home project kits. About 200 project kits will be available for preschoolers. There are no opportunities for active teaching for this age group.

The Santa Barbara Public Library aims to connect families and children with local artists. Proposals should come from artists who live and work in Santa Barbara County, and priority in the selection process will be given to artists working in the service area of ​​the Santa Barbara Public Library.

Artists do not need to have teaching experience to submit a proposal.

Artists with experience, passion for, or a background in Black history and culture will be given preference in the selection process. There is a preference for artists drawn from the black community. The library plans to offer similar calls for proposals for general interest as well as specific cultural groups in the future.

The workshops are selected by a panel of judges including representatives from Santa Barbara Public Library staff and local educational and arts institutions from diverse, non-dominant backgrounds. The panel’s decisions will be announced by January 10.

For more information, contact Lisa Gonzalez, Senior Librarian for Youth Services, at [email protected]


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