Army Wife Tackles Incredible Home Renovation Project While Husband Deploys: ‘This Is Seriously Inspirational’

This army wife on TikTok renovated her entire house while her husband was on the road, and viewers are amazed at the transformation!

TikToker Cori Bosco (@eastcoastdiy) is a military wife and self-taught home improvement and DIY virtuoso who documents her home renovation journey while her husband was in the field. One of Bosco’s videos shows a montage of the home renovation project, and viewers are amazed by her building skills and generosity.

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The clip begins with the words “Three months until my husband comes home from the army,” over typed, accelerated footage of Bosco remodeling her closet.

In the next shot, Bosco shows viewers the finished closet, which features floor-to-ceiling shelves on opposite sides of the room, a hanging chandelier, and blue-and-white printed wallpaper.

But Bosco doesn’t stop there. A coffee bar is next on their list of home improvement projects. In the footage below, she installs dark blue cabinets and a backsplash.

The result is a full-service coffee bar, complete with an espresso machine, Keurig and a variety of flavored syrups, displayed against a white, tiled backdrop.

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After crossing the coffee bar off her list, Bosco moves on to her next project, which involves moving the laundry room so all four of her kids can each have their own room.

After an assembly of heavy measuring, drilling and installing, Bosco opens the double teak doors to reveal the new laundry room, fully equipped and ready to use.

Bosco’s favorite renovation project is her new bathroom, which looks like it belongs in a spa. The renovated bathroom features a double vanity against a blue tile-covered wall, as well as a glass shower and private toilet corner.

After building a ladder to access the loft in the master bedroom, Bosco, still on the roll, rebuilds the kitchen into a culinary masterpiece straight out of a cooking show.

Bosco closes the video with footage of her renovating the fifth bedroom in her home and has her finish three more projects before her husband returns home from his assignment.

Viewers were impressed by Bosco’s renovation skills and her altruism in taking on such a large project to surprise her husband.

“I can’t wait to see his reaction and [for you to] welcome him home! Thank him for his service to me,” said one user.

“This is really inspiring,” praised one TikToker.

“I’m sure your husband must know he has a guard. It’s absolutely stunning,” praised another viewer.

Based on Bosco’s incredible work, her husband expects a real treat when he gets home.

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