4 easy ways to transform your dining room into a style statement

If your formal dining room is the loneliest room in your house, it’s time to transform it into a comfortable everyday spot that still feels elegant enough to host dinner parties and holiday meals.

A few simple design upgrades can make a serious space feel fabulous, fresh and inviting, making every night an upscale dinner party, whether you’re serving one or an entire crew.

Even better, choosing your new dining room decor is (almost) as easy as picking up to go, with a one-stop shop like The Home Depot for all your chic decorating needs. Read on for great ideas to add some much-needed flavor to your dining zone.

1. Opt for plush chairs in a bold hue.

Keep it comfortable with beautifully upholstered chairs in a luxurious material like velvet that adds a touch of opulence. Going for an unexpected color choice will ensure that the plush seats don’t remind you of your grandparents’ house.

If you’re particularly bold, mix and match chair sets for an avant-garde look. If you go this route, stick to streamlined silhouettes to keep things from looking overly busy. This mustard yellow chairs Find the perfect balance with a vibrant hue in an elegant mid-century shape that pairs well with a variety of other styles.

2. Combine a geometric mirror with a sculptural chandelier.

Home Depot dining table

Choosing a chandelier and mirror with common materials, finishes, or design styles can add a sense of purpose, making the space feel cohesive. For example, take a farmhouse chic approach with a rustic chandelier and a curved window mirrorboth of which have black metal frames.

Or find common ground in shapes like this Space age chandelier paired with a hexagonal golden mirror which (pun intended) reflects its spherical Starburst proportions.

3. Have a well-stocked bar cart ready — and we’re not talking about the spirits.

the Home Depot bar cart

We trust you’ve got the mood covered when it comes to yours bar setup, but don’t forget to make the most of that extra space. Not everything about your bar cart needs to be functional or related to happy hour.

To add character, play with objects such as artistic glasses to sculptural vases to art objects. Vary the height and size of each part to create a dynamic vignette. Adding something organic, like flowers or a leafy houseplant, brings warmth. Freshly cut buds would look stunning in it this vase setor place a graceful orchid as an eye-catching accessory. If you don’t have a green thumb, join us artificial flowers.

4. Put a conspicuous rug under your feet.

Home Depot dining room

Finally, don’t neglect your flooring. Rugs are essential to bring any room together. In this room, the semicircles of the rug play off the curved shapes of the chairs as well as the neutral tones of the patterning on the accent wall, completing a cohesive design scheme.

Pro tip for buying dining room rugs: Measure your table and chairs to make sure the rug is roomy enough for guests to comfortably walk up and down. It should be big enough for dining room chairs to stay on even when pulled back from the dining table so legs don’t catch on the edge. The rug should end before it reaches any other furniture, such as a bar cart or sideboard. Think of it as an island of texture and pattern that anchors your table in space.


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