Here’s how to make DIY props for your best friend’s baby shower

Are you responsible for throwing a baby shower for your best friend but don’t know where to start? Baby showers are the cutest way to shower gifts, love and blessings on the mother-to-be and her little one. As your best friend is about to embark on a new journey and a lot of responsibilities, make this day special with perfect decorations, props and treats that will not only cheer her up but also give her a gala with unforgettable memories. To ease the pain of decor, we bring you stunning ideas that will make the entire intimate baby shower glamorous while making the celebration totally intimate and cozy.

Here’s how to make DIY props for your best friend’s baby shower

Blanket made from paper heart strings

Since the idea of ​​flowers looks like a dated one and leaving the classic white walls bare can disrupt the decor and create a dull vibe, here’s something that’s totally unconventional and perfectly ideal for a baby shower. Adorn the walls with glittering heart-shaped strings cut from 3D paper. Cover the whole wall with loosely attached strings of hearts for this chic and adorable look. With a touch of personalization, this can make the decor brighter and brighter.

The living ring backdrop

Backdrops are key to this breathtaking wealth of images. You can also easily make this background yourself for a small intimate baby shower. All you have to do is take a large round wooden ring and wrap it in a sheet of translucent paper and cover the surrounding area with green foliage and flowers (match the color of your decor). In between you can place the hashtags, names, initials or any quote you like and your hula hoop backdrop is ready to draw everyone’s attention and make the decor extravagant. Be sure to accompany the colors with the theme for a more unified look.

The treat table

Instead of eating big, heavy meals, if you want to host a baby shower in an unusual but cute way, you can opt for a table of treats. Natural herbal teas or flavored teas can be the center of attention when serving multiple cupcakes, cookies, bite-sized sweet treats, multi-colored brownies and more.

The treat table

wall of wishes

A wall of wishes is a great way to add glamor to the decor and it will work as a beautiful reminder for both the mother and the child. This is a super cool, easy, and affordable DIY that can be made in just minutes. All you have to do is cut out the cute animal shape on colorful leaves and thread them onto a wall with paper clips. You can ask guests to write their good wishes for the baby.

LED balloon walls

This is one of the unconventional ways to make the walls magical and dreamy. LED light balloons add a touch of ethereal illumination to the indoor baby shower and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of your guests. These balloons are DIY friendly and randomly cover the wall with a mix of small and large to brighten up the decor in a very fairytale way. Choose pastel colors like soft pink or white, or transparent with yellow lighting for an enchanted look.

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