Anne Hathaway teamed up with Zendaya and fans freaked out

A brand new Bulgari campaign has brought two of them Disneyis most famous Alumni together: Anne Hathaway and Zendaya. The A-list actresses starred Unexpected Miraclesa short film directed by Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino to showcase the jewelry brand’s most luxurious, high-end creations.

Of course, fans were thrilled to see Hathaway and Zendaya on screen, even if it was only for a limited time. Calls for the two to star in a full-fledged film have flooded social media since the release of the Bulgari campaign, with several people sharing their tribute to the former Disney Stars.


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In the film, a transformed Hathaway was shown wearing sumptuous pieces from the Serpenti and Divas Dream collections, while Zendaya appeared covered in dazzling pieces from the B.ZERO1 and BB collections. Of course, many viewers found it difficult to focus on the jewelry itself, too busy admiring the on-screen chemistry between the two actresses. Without saying a word to each other, Hathaway and Zendaya captivated the audience as they danced, hugged warmly and displayed their famous beauty in a fleeting montage.

This is the first time Hathaway and Zendaya have ever appeared in a project together, and fans are hoping to see more of them in the near future. Some ideas that have been suggested for their proposed joint film include a Suddenly Princess Reboot, sort of a wedding or heist comedy (not unlike Hathaway’s Locked) or a “sexy rich lesbian murder drama”. It’s too early to tell if the Bulgari campaign will inspire a Hollywood movie starring the two, but from the looks of it, they’re undoubtedly marketable together and could have the potential to break at the box office.

Hathaway is currently busy promoting her new film Armageddon periodin which she stars alongside HBO series actor Jeremy Strong successor. The film, which premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, has scored an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing, with some critics calling it a “near-perfect” New York story. The audience even gave him a seven-minute standing ovation during the premiere, bringing tears to Hathaway’s eyes.

Zendaya, on the other hand, comes off fresh from her euphoria and Spider-Man: No Way Home Success with a feature in Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2022. Your feature in the issue was written by dune Director Denis Villeneuve, who called her “timeless,” a “cultural icon,” and the “future” of the industry. Zendaya will reprise her role as Chani in Dune: Part Twowhich is currently in pre-production.

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