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Since the central axis of life has shifted towards home in the last 2 years, the concept of spending time at home has changed significantly. Accordingly, household appliances have also developed from pure products into real companions in everyday life.

According to a recent survey of reasons for purchasing home appliances in 2022, over 60% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents said their most recent major appliance purchase was driven by needs other than replacing a defective product. That number has increased by 10% in the last three years alone, suggesting that home appliances should go beyond pure functionality and offer real, practical value based on consumers’ own needs and experiences of using the product. So we are now scaling the Bespoke offering to invite more consumers to be part of the Bespoke Home experience.

With the introduction of the Bespoke concept in 2019, Samsung’s Digital Appliances business ushered in a whole new era of customized home appliances that transcend the traditional paradigms that previously dominated the industry. Rather than just focusing on technology and functionality, the Bespoke philosophy also incorporates the different needs, tastes and lifestyles of customers into the product push the industry to evolve to the next level. Following the positive feedback we received after last year’s Bespoke Home inaugural event, this year we will continue to build on our design legacy and bring even more value to consumers through our home appliance products.

Behind the vision of the tailor-made home 2022

At Bespoke Home 2021, we unveiled a Bespoke vision and range to enable users to enjoy the bespoke living experience throughout their home. Since then, bespoke devices have been available in 50 markets around the world and have received multiple design awards from CES Innovation, iF Design and IDEA 2021. Since its launch, nearly 2 million customized refrigerators have been sold worldwide, while two out of every three Samsung refrigerators sold in Korea have been a customized model.

Developments in 2021 have led to the development of our 2022 vision of the bespoke home, which can be summed up in three key elements: expanding space, expanding experience and expanding time. These three transformative ideas are at the core of the 2022 Bespoke Home experience, designed to help you enjoy life at home in ways that go beyond traditional home appliance experiences.

Create Tailor-made spaces through a diverse lineup

The bespoke design ethos prioritizes helping users create personalized homes that truly reflect their tastes and aesthetics to ultimately offer evolved home living experiences.

As we expand the possibilities of these experiences, our vision of Expansion of Space will result in bespoke appliances becoming available across the home in over 20 product categories. The goal is to provide more flexible and convenient home solutions that can meet the changing needs of our users anywhere in the home.

The Bespoke Home 2022 range not only brings users brand new products and upgraded features, but also offers a wide range of color and design options, giving users new and different ways to express their evolving tastes, as well as more options for home decoration.

Additionally, we are introducing a new tier of kitchen appliances to the Bespoke family, the Infinite Line, for premium appliance experiences that offer timeless value and are able to suit the way you personally work in your kitchen.

Connectivity at the heart of every innovation

The type of experiences consumers expect from their home appliances has changed over time. The second aspect of our Bespoke Home 2022 vision, enlarging the experience, relates not only to expanding the possibilities of Bespoke 2022 products, but also to the type of practical, smart and connected home experiences that users will enjoy thanks to the launch can SmartThings home life.

SmartThings Home Life provides centralized control over bespoke appliances through six SmartThings services that are critical to everyday household management: Cooking, Energy, Garment Care, Pet Care, Air Care, and Home Care. Consumers can use the service based on their passions and interests on their various Samsung devices including smartphones, tablets and Family Hub fridges.

SmartThings Home Life is designed to maximize synergy between devices in completing everyday tasks and the launch date for this integrated service will be announced at the Bespoke Home 2022 event.

Ultimately, at Samsung, we hope to empower users everywhere to focus less on daily household chores and more on living each moment more fully.

Sustainable product experiences and environmentally conscious action

Finally, the expansion of time is part of our vision related to the “everyday sustainability” that Samsung unveiled at CES 2022. We strive to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and to build sustainability and eco-conscious innovation into every aspect of the product lifecycle from production and delivery to product use and disposal so that our consumers can lead a more sustainable everyday life through their experiences with tailor-made products.

Innovations in the product development phase help us to reduce waste and continuously increase our waste recycling rates. Reducing paper manuals and using eco-packaging at the delivery stage allows users to reuse their recycled packaging materials. In the product use phase, our energy-saving technologies such as Digital Inverter Compressor for refrigerators and EcoBubble technology for washing machines reduce energy consumption by 67%1 and 53%2 respectively. Our enhanced SmartThings Energy service also helps users be more environmentally conscious in their product usage.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we offer extended warranties in key markets3 for certain core device components. We understand that the longer a product lasts, the less likely it is that it will need to be replaced. As such, we plan to continue developing devices that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are reliable and durable, making sustainability a key element of the daily Bespoke user experience. Beyond 2022, Samsung will continue to make efforts to achieve its sustainability vision and goals.

At Samsung, we consider home appliances not only an important part of our homes, but also of our daily lives and routines. As a leading global appliance brand, Samsung will continue to develop its products, services and innovations to provide users with customizable designs and functionalities, expanded possibilities in users’ lives and most importantly, sustainable product experiences from start to finish.

With the range of products to be unveiled at Bespoke Home 2022, we are taking the next step towards realizing our sustainable vision for a connected bespoke home that suits the lifestyle, needs and goals of each user.

We look forward to seeing how this year you can expand the possibilities for your home with Bespoke Home.

1 The power consumption of Samsung refrigerators (floor-mount freezer type) has been reduced by about 67% since 2000 (when the floor-mount freezer was first launched in Europe) to 2020. The models compared to calculate the electricity consumption per net liter capacity (based on the EU energy label) are SL39SP3/XEU sold in 2000 and RB37R5**R** in 2020.
2 The power consumption of the Samsung washing machine (drum type) has been reduced by about 53% from 2011 (applied by the newly revised energy regulation in Europe) to 2020. The models compared to calculate the electricity consumption (based on the EEI from the EU Energy Report) are WF0704L7W sold in 2011 and WW12R640U0M sold in 2020.
3 Digital Inverter Compressor in refrigerators sold in Europe and the Digital Inverter Motor in washing machines sold in Europe and manufactured in the USA

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